When should you Let Go Of Your Website Designing Thoughts

As hard as it may be, yet letting head out of your webpage designing concepts and hearing the customer may actually be of advantage in the long run.

I know what you are saying, you have been in the net designing organization long enough to grasp what functions and wont doesn’t, what would my personal customer understand? Well after approaching web design in the same manner, I have unfortunately acquired no other choice but to give in to my finest laid ideas and comply with the wants of my own customers.

Construction of good websites usually means which it has to be appealing to the eye, as well as being totally functioning with respect to Search Engine rewards, but in the long run it must display professionalism for the business displayed.

Complying with W3C Standards (W3C Markup Validation Service) with respect to both CODE and CSS validation is normally paramount to good style and coding (but not essential for good Google PR, I will discuss in later posts), so when making we want to use platform HTML format and CSS text font like Tahoma 11pt, to create neat readable text and nice page image styles.

I will list some cases of where letting travel has rewards for each involved and how in some circumstances actually triggered little or no web site traffic for the web site.

Case Study 1 . Architectural Company flash and font issues

Our consumer wanted the utilization of Flash elements to display a lot of architecture images with a nice fade between images and changes to primary CSS Typeface used Tahoma 11pt font and replaced with Century Medieval 11pt, which is often used in all the logos and architecture design and style work.

Since several would know sneaking in Flash documents into your web page results in W3C Validation undefined source failure, thus making the site Invalid Markup. After explaining this kind of, the customer was the need to have a very good graphical adobe flash style photo far outweighed the importance of quality valid HTML Transitional Markup. To them the appearance and conception of their site to their customers was much more advantageous than complying considering the W3C.

In addition , they wanted the Century Medieval font instead of Tahoma. Simply by design Century Gothic has a much larger font height than Tahoma so when used elevated the page height bigger than when using Tahoma thus causing the site presenting with browse bars once view within 1024 x 768 resolution, where recently it fitted in the whole webpage perfectly.

Basically we the customer accomplished the desired impacts they wished and ultimately it is the customer who usually knows greatest.

Case Study 2 . Container supplier becomes boxed in

Our client had started a new business supplying cardboard boxes just for moving and packing. They wanted oxxily.com a simple site with heavy graphic image factors and little if any text at the home page.

Trying to explain to the customer the role of text depending search engines effects and that having no understandable text on the home page would definitely limit all their visibility, they choose design over benefits. Why you may ask may a company limit their likelihood of being available on search engines? Very well the question still burns around too, but as mentioned previous the customer always knows greatest and the decision was solely theirs to generate.

Their beliefs was simple, their website was merely to be utilized as a reference guide and not the source of extra business, because their marketing strategies would be enough to garner frequent business.

Even today I even now wonder as to why they limited their marketability and in particular their website which is usually online and could be searched at all times of the day.

Thus in summary the best laid strategies of rats and men (well in this instance web designers) can be a complete waste of good management simply because what I possess stated each and every one along the customer always knows greatest and in the long run they are the types paying for your service therefore sometimes is best to lay down your guns and acknowledge defeat.